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Tile Stain Removers

Dubond Products India Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer, exporter of Tile Stain Removers. We are offering a wide range of removers that are used for getting rid of grout, floor stain and floor wax. All of these are offered in liquid form and their appearance can be transparent or yellow. Using these products, various organic stains can be easily removed such as stains of fruits, coffee, coloring agents, molds etc. Our Tile Stain Removers can be easily used on stones, granites, marbles and various other absorbent building material. These products do not leave any mark on the surface and also they do not damage it.

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Floor Wax Remover

Price: 980 INR
  • Physical State:Liquid
  • Application:Dilute the product in water from 10 to 25%, depending on the thickness of wax to be removed. Spread the solution on the surface; let it stand for some minutes in order to soften the old wax coats and scrub with stiff-bristled brush or floor machine and black or brown pad. Remove all residues with a cloth or vacuum up.
  • Color:Transparent
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Floor Stain Remover

Price: 1790 INR
  • Physical State:Liquid
  • Application:Apply the pure product on the stain and let it stand from 15 minutes up to one night, depending on the nature of the stain and on the type of material. Rinse well with clean water and let it dry. If the stain is still visible, repeat the application.
  • Color:light yellow
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Grout Remover

Price: 960 INR
  • Color:Transparent
  • Application:Apply generously to the area required. Leave to work for approximately 4-5 minutes. Once epoxy grout has softened, carefully remove with a suitable tool,i.e. palette knife. repeat process if necessary to remove all deposits. Wash down the area immediately afterwards with detergent and cold water. Always dispose of any waste thoroughly.
  • Physical State:Liquid