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Tile Adhesive
Tile Adhesive is easy to use by just mixing water to produce thixotropic outstanding adhesive. It can be used as a thin or thick adhesive for fixing mosaic, ceramic and other kinds of wall and floor tiles.
Epoxy Grout
Epoxy Grout is developed using high-grade water, resin and aluminum oxalate in white color. It is ideal for making the surface of tiles smooth and preventing the black mold.
Concrete Primer
This trusted Concrete Primer is designed for the adhesion process in construction projects. It is easy to use with its effective and safe formula.
Stone Adhesive
This unique Stone Adhesive comes with excellent impact resistance and strength that comes with fast drying, setting and no clamping features. It is best for instant repairing of stones.
Floor Sealers
Floor Sealers are chemical solutions applied to the surfaces of floors for protecting them against stains, dust and damage. They interact with materials for providing them with glossier appearance and looks.
Tile Cleaners
Tile Cleaners are developed for cleaning the dirt and dust fast from the tiles. They are ideal for removing the stains and maintaining the brightness of tiles forever.
Wall Care Putty
Wall Care Putty is a white cement based water resistant putty available with Extra HP Polymers. This unique formula keeps the walls dry, safe and beautiful always.
Self Leveling Products
Self Leveling Products are widely used in different industrial and commercial applications with their excellent results. They are easy and safe to use products available in different packaging quantities. 
Glass Mosaic Tiles
Stylish, safe and easy way to enhance the looks of the spaces, these Glass Mosaic Tiles is sure to provide the best performance. They are sure to provide easy to clean and water-proof way to provide the best looks to homes, offices, etc.
Industrial Flooring And Coatings
Ease of application, excellent adhesion and high-strength of these Industrial Flooring And Coatings make them ideal to be used. They are available with outstanding water resistance and sealing properties to provide the best results. 
Block Fix Adhesive
Block Fix Adhesive is a flexible thin jointing material developed to layer concrete blocks, AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, etc. It is designed to ensure excellent bonding and tensile adhesion strength.
Concrete Admixtures
Concrete Admixtures are air-entraining agents widely used to give special properties to concrete. It can be used as water reducers, retarders and accelerators in fresh or hardened concrete.
Anti Corrosive Coating
Anti-Corrosive Coating is designed using multiple organic inhibitor system to ensure to provide compete protection against rust and corrosion. It seals out moisture and create a constant protection barrier against oxygen and water.
Concrete Repair Products
Concrete Repair Products are the perfect combinations of durability, flexibility and bonding to repair cracks. They are easy-to-apply products available to simulate concrete to ensure repairing of concrete.
Construction Accessories
Construction Accessories are designed for adding strength and quality to varied construction projects from small to big. They are developed using high-grade raw materials for excellent results.
Tile Stain Removers
These reliable Tile Stain Removers are provided with exceptional tolerance to hard water to ensure to remove tough and the most stubborn stains from tiles in no time.
Exterior Wall Paint
Exterior Wall Paint is available for giving an appealing look and gloss to walls of homes, offices and other places. This is ideal for giving protection along with texture finishes to walls.