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Epoxy Grout

Use our superior quality Epoxy Grouts which are available in different categories as per the clients' need. They are staining proof grouts that do not require any kind of sealing. Besides, they are environment friendly, easy to apply, have longer shelf life, etc. The offered products are well known for their quality standard and excellent performance and fast result. Also, they are highly effective and used in various places. The Epoxy Grouts can be availed from us at pocket friendly prices.
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Epoxy Adhesives

Price: 4500 INR

Epoxy Adhesives offers a water- cleanable system for installations in those areas where exceptional high-strength and excellent resistance against chemical & impact is required. This is a unique formulation that provides non-sag and non-slip feature which allows the mortar to hold tile in place for years irrespective of the external pressures and weather conditions. Offered to clients in varied packaging options in order to meet their individual requirements, these adhesives are reasonable in price.

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Non Shrink Grout

Price: 600 INR

Non Shrink Grout is highly applicable for underpinning and brickwork repairs. In addition, it is also used for grouting of column bases, machine bases and anchor bolts. It ensures controlled expansions, thus, ensuring positive surface contact. This grout is high in demand in construction industry for assuring no rusting and staining on exposed edges. This is a premix product which only requires addition of water for use. We stringently inspect the quality of this grout on standard parameters before the final dispatch in market.

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Cement Grout

Price: 600 INR

This polymer modified Cement Grout offers high performance in various installation works. Highly appreciated among clients for excellent wear resistance, this grout offers fast washing of the covering surface along with good placeability. In addition, its special formulation ensures excellent integrated mould protection and smooth joint surface. It produces highly strong joints without formation of cracks. We offer this grout to clients in different colors in order to match with their particular setting.

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Polymer Grout

Price: 600 INR

Our entire stock of Polymer Grout is highly acclaimed in construction industry for its excellent compressive strength. This grout is high in demand for areas where excellent chemical resistance, hygienic and sterile is required. This is a high quality polymer modified grout with excellent resistance against water. Specially formulated for grouting glazed wall tiles, floor tiles, mosaics, vitrified & fully vitrified tiles and industrial floor tiles, this compound is offered to clients in different custom made colors in order to meet their particular requirements.

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Foundation Grout

Price: 500 INR

Our wide stock of Foundation Grout provides high level of chemical and stain resistance that is required in the flooring of an establishment. It is best known for its fast curing time and a quick return to service. It is developed with a light weight formula that makes it easier and quicker to spread unlike other typical epoxy grouts. In addition, this grout is water- cleanable and also exceeds performance requirements. Highly suitable for use on vertical joints without the requirements of an additive, this grout compound produces hard, dense joints.

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Powdered Tile Grout

Price: 600 INR

Highly acclaimed among clients for in-depth water-repellent action, this Powdered Tile Grout has good place ability and integrated mould protection. The grout is best known in construction industry for offering smooth joint surface with very low water absorption. With excellent UV resistance, the offered stock is available in a wide range of colors to meet the wide requirements of clients. This is a high quality polymer-modified, fine, water resistant and cement based powder grout, specifically formulated for mosaics, vitrified & fully vitrified tiles, glazed wall tiles, floor tiles and industrial floor tiles.

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Industrial Grouts

In the entire market, we are highly trusted for offering an excellent stock of Industrial Grouts. These are stain proof grouts that do not require any kind of sealing. Our professional grade sanded grout is a ready to use formula with consistent color. Easy to spread and clean, these grouts are suitable for use in commercial asd well as residential settings. Ideal for interiors and exteriors, and on walls & floors, this has built-in antimicrobial property.

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Epoxy Joint Filler

Price: 4500 INR

This Epoxy Joint Filler is a special formula for protecting and repairing concrete floor joints and surfaces. Available in variety of options including semi-rigid and structural, this product renders all your individual concrete repair and joint filling needs. These fillers are formulated for use on various industrial concrete floors. In addition, these are also applied to fill and protect contraction and construction joints in the concrete floors. Provide complete protection to interior floors from heavy industrial traffic, this filler is best known for tis extended working life.

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Grouting Compound

Price: 450 INR

Highly acclaimed in construction industry, our entire stock of Grouting Compound is offered to clients in air tight and moisture proof packaging materials. This is a flexible grouting compound, high in demand for use in interior and exterior works with ceramics. It is considered as superior quality product, best known for its easy application. In addition, the compound is highly resistant to water, abrasives and fungicides. Besides, the colors of the entire stock can be custom made to go with a specific design.

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Epoxy Tile Grout

Price: 4500 INR

Suitable for use in interior and exterior settings, this Epoxy Tile Grout is applicable on wall as well floor surfaces. Its excellent UV colour resistance and smooth joint surface with very low water absorption make this grout high in demand among clients for various industrial concrete floors. This grout is specially formulated for installations in the areas where superior chemical, stain and heat resistance is required. Our clients can get this Epoxy Tile Grout from us in different packaging options at competitive prices.

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Waterproof Grout

Price: 125 INR

We are best known in the construction industry for offering an excellent stock of Waterproof Grout. It is a polymer-modified and cement-based grout. Best known in industry for producing hard and dense joints that are highly resistant to shrinkage, cracking and wear, this grout is specially formulated for excellent durability. High in demand for the joints in interior as well as exterior installations, this is applicable on the countertops, floors, showers, walls, ceilings, fountains and pools.