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Concrete Repair Products

With the continuous growth in the building and construction industry, the demand of concrete and concrete repair products has also increased manifolds. We are offering DUBond brands of hydro lock for drip leakages and mortar. These products can be applied via hand or with the use of machines. Our repair mortars are completely compatible with various material which allows repairing of only the visible signs of damage. With our concrete repair products, the issue of cement deterioration is completely addressed and the structure's life is extended.
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Hydro Lock for Drip Leakages

Price: 1300 INR
  • Physical State:Powder
  • Application:Identify the exact source of leakage and close with finger or hand. Take a handful of HYDRO LOCK powder and hold it against the source of leakage. By removing finger slowly from the source. The powder will get wet due to water coming out and will harden within 3 minutes. Hold for a few more seconds for best results.
  • Color:Grey
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Flowable Mortar

Price: 500 INR

Flowable Mortar is a two component; polymer modified, pre-proportioned cementitious patching and repair mortar. It is composed of a migratory corrosion inhibitor. The mortar is flowable and hence suitable for application in hard to reach places. It is highly resistant to freeze-thaw, abrasion and de-icing chemicals. Best known among clients for excellent adhesion and durability, this is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Widely used for leveling and repairing of horizontal concrete surfaces, this is also applicable in structural repairs, parking and bridge decks and industrial floors.

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Patching Mortar

Price: 900 INR

Patching Mortar is widely used in rapid repairs of masonry, render and concrete. This mortar is suitable for use before the application of flooring, underlayment, ceramic tiles, coatings or paint. It is a ready-to-use polymer-modified, rapid setting mortar, specifically formulated internal as well as external repairing works. It is specifically formulated with high early strengths, and can accept floor finishes in minimum time. It is also shrinkage compensated to resist cracking.