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Anti Corrosive Coating

Anti corrosive paints and rust remover are two of our offering under the category of anti corrosive coating. These are used for automobiles and metal surfaces. Their purpose is to provide complete protection against the degradation of surface that can occur due to the effects of water such as oxidation and others. With our coating, a barrier if created amid the surface and environmental factors / chemicals.  By applying our anti-corrosive coating, users can ensure good maintenance of their products and increase their life. We need bulk orders for these products.
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Anti Corrosive Paints

Price: 6000 INR

Anti Corrosive Paints is widely used on metal surfaces for ensuring complete protection against degradation due to salt spray, moisture, oxidation and exposure to a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals. It allows an extra protection on metal surfaces by acting as a barrier that inhibits the contact between chemical compounds or corrosive materials. In addition, Anti Corrosive Paints also provides abrasion resistant, non-stick and chemically inert surface finishing. In market, this coating is available at competitive price.

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Rust Remover

Price: 1400 INR

Rust Remover, offered by us is great for removing rust from motorcycles, trucks, boats and cars. In addition, it is also high in demand for use on industrial equipments, tools, metla parts, road equipment and restoration of metal parts. It quickly dissolves rust formed on the metal surfaces. Non toxic and biodegradable in nature, this product efficiently eliminates rust from iron and steel surfaces without emitting harmful fumes. In addition, it also prepares the metal surface for paint and increases the lifespan of paint job.